In the immediate aftermath of the Nepal earthquake, as smaller quakes continued to cause destruction and fear throughout the country, a small group of Norwegians – in various ways tied to Nepal – resolved to form a 2-year campaign to help the country and is people. It was launched late June 2015 with several successful fundraising events.

The key idea: As the Himalayan nation would relatively quickly disappear from the news while the first-phase relief funds would almost as rapidly run out, Nepal’s continued need for assistance has to be kept alive in the minds of people with the motivation and ability donate resources get Nepal back on its feet again.

As several members of the group have a background from hands-on work in development assistance, the consensus was that a Norway-to-Nepal («from a mountain people to a mountain people») effort directed towards reviving the mountain tourism sector would create both immediate and long-term results. As others in the group are working in the ecotourism sector, it was also agreed thatsustainability and transparency should permeate the campaign, capitalizing on ecotourism’s proven ability to deliver cost-effective, conservation-based community development effects.

Over its 2-year life span REIS NEPAL* will plan and implement numerous, various events and fund-raising projects, appealing to engaged individuals, companies and organizations. It will also seek out cooperation with government departments and agencies, by offering its expertise and netork in exchange for matching funds and donations.

A fundraising working group is established in Norway, to liaise with an affiliate groups in Nepal, with a mandate to ensure that funds are being allocated fairly, equitably and for maximum effect – with zero tolerance for corruption, and a minimum of overhead expenses and bureaucracy.

*REIS NEPAL has a double meaning in the Norwegian language: it communicates both rebuild Nepal and travel to Nepal. Donations to REIS NEPAL, which has its own bank account, is subject to Norway’s strict laws re. foundations: REIS NEPAL is part of the Varde-Foundation, whos objectives is to reduce poverty and provide education opportunities in mountaineous regions in the 3rd world.